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William Bruschi

About Me

Software developer with 10+ years of industry experience specializing in development and design of full stack applications, back-end server code and database programming. Living in northeast USA.

Programming languages of interest include Common Lisp, Java, Bash, SQL, Javascript and others.

Experience with Spring Framework (including Spring Boot), Docker, Hibernate / JPA, Tomcat, Openstack, AWS, Git, Subversion, Emacs, IntelliJ and more.

Databases used include Oracle, Informix, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, HyperSQL and SQLite.

Interests besides programming include reading (mostly non-fiction), exercising (mild weight lifting and short to medium distance running), hiking, camping, and visiting used book stores.

Employment History

Software Developer, TriNet (previously SOI)

2011 — Present

Software developer for carrier feeds and cross platform integration team.

Contractor, The Davis Companies

2012-02 — 2012-03

Contract to develop company blog using Wordpress and integrating into existing website.

Software Developer, Gold Bridge Partners Inc

2009 — 2011

Worked with multiple clients creating full stack web applications.

QA Software Automation Engineer, DeLorme (now Garmin)

2007 — 2009

Part of team involved in automated testing of mapping and GIS products.

Sourcing STEP intern, GE Energy

2005 — 2006

Maintained numerous in-house applications for the Energy Sourcing department.

Personal Projects

I am an avid coder and enjoy practicing my craft during my free time. Some of my personal projects that I decided to open source:

Other Notes

The views expressed on this site are solely my own and in no way reflect the views of my employers or clients.

You can find my ancient blog here:

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