Enders Game by Orson Scott Card

I continued my pursuit of Science Fiction novels with Ender’s Game. This book did not grip me as much as The Foundation did. In my opinion, it lacked the thought provoking ideas and futuristic technologies that I love reading about.

The book felt geared more towards children for the most part. And, without giving too much away, I could not suspend myself of disbelief enough to enjoy the final battle scenes; if Ender was the genius the book made him out to be, he would have known what was happening.

After reading it I learned that Ender’s Game the movie is set to release later this year. I think the script will need major augmentation to make an entertaining movie. I also learned from his Wikipedia page that he has a stance against gay marriage. I find that ironic since he chose to go out of his way to insert multiple scenes of adolescent boys fighting naked in the shower.

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