Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Science fiction is one genre that I have not delved into a great deal in my life. Which is odd, considering I have a love for technology and reading. Looking to change that, I decided to start my science fiction journey with one of the classics: The Foundation by Issac Asimov.

This book was reviewed elsewhere by an abundant amount of people and has received high praise justifiably. Although it was not what I excepted it to be, I did enjoy the book. I found similarities of the Empire’s dissolution of morals with our society today. I also found the prolific use of nuclear power a tad humorous considering the mass odium of nuclear power plants today, though I guess the outlook was different in the 1950s. Also, pyscohistory is one of the coolest sounding majors that I wish we had today.

Overall I am happy with my choice to start my science fiction reading with this book and am looking forward to the next one.

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