Let Over Lambda by Doug Hoyte

Let Over Lamba was an enjoyable read geared toward Common Lisp fans like myself. Some might be put off by the opinionated style of the author, but I will take the opposite view point and say I admired the author’s strong convictions he displayed while writing the book.

This is an advanced book the covers uses of macros which I have never encountered before. I found many tools which I will incorporated into my own code. I like to say that I understood most of the book, but the last chapter on creating the Forth implementation was a bit difficult to follow, probably because I spread out the reading over a few weeks. Overall, though, I found the writing clear and concise. I think others would agree if they have used and studied Common Lisp for a while.

I would love to see more books like this by other Common Lisp pundits. It is interesting to see how people craft their programs in one of the most malleable languages available.

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