Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens

In “Letters to a Young Contrarian”, the late Christopher Hitchens delvles into modern and historical rebels and revolutionaries throughout the time. Those familiar with the author would agree that he is an authoritve expert on the subject, never shying awaying from speaking his mind no matter who may object to them. I know not one person who agreed with everything Christopher has wrote throughout his life, and I think Christopher would be appalled if someone did. This disagreement is percisly what he espouses in this book. Arguments and disagreements from contrarians spark disucussions (and sometimes violence) which is the root of progress.

Christopher was known to be an adapt debator. This requires much thinking and research on both sides of the argument. Most of the time he found himself on the minority side of the argument, which naturally requires a stronger foundation to prevail and change the masses.

Throughout the book Christopher references past works and historic figures that serve as examples to his points. As a side effect, I found these references to be a great source of discovery of new authors and bibliographies to add to my ever growing reading list. I often find it difficult to become a well rounded educatee in this world that increasingly demands specialization.

This book was a quick read which any Hitchens fan would find enjoyable. Those unfamiliar with the author may wish to read a little background information about him before proceeding with this book.

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