The New Elite by Jim Taylor, Doug Harrison, Stephen Kraus

I tend to read books about wealth in bunches, and The New Elite was my latest money book I finished. I must of read the blurbs about this book too hastily, however, as its content was different from what I expected. I wanted a book that provided proven strategies for saving and wealth management that a typical middle class person like myself could follow. Instead this book was geared more toward people who want to cater and sell to the rich, not necessarily become one, though selling to the rich could make one wealthy. The book explains where the rich shop, their typical upbringing, how they travel and their most common fears. Though not what I was hoping for, I did find it quite interesting. Most of today’s rich are entrepreneurs from middle class families. The image of a prima dona inheriting their wealth actually only describes a minority of the wealthy.

This book read like a (sometimes mundane) research paper. The authors conducted numerous surveys and reported their gatherings. If you are a person who enjoys learning for learning’s sake, then you may enjoy this book.

I often read books about wealth just for motivation. This book did a moderate job of that. I wish they could have included more stories of how those surveyed obtained their massive wealth.

This was a quick read that may or may not be worth your time. I would grab this one at the library or buy a cheap used copy if interested.

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