The Society of Mind by Marvin Minsky

There are many theories of the underlying operations behind the human brain and how it could lead to intelligence. This book proposes the theory that the mind is made up of individual, unintelligent agents the work together in a society. I found the topic fascinating.

The book consist of numerous non-rigorous essays grouped into categories that explore the implications behind the theory. It was easy to read and did not require any prerequisite studying to understand the topics presented.

I cannot comment on the accuracy and plausibility of book’s ideas since I have never studied neuroscience or psychology. All I know is that brains are capable of having intelligence and brains work within the laws of nature. Nobody yet knows how exactly they work. There may be too many pieces to the puzzles for us to understand it completely. I do think, however, that we can understand enough of it for practical applications.

Of course, the ultimate end to understanding human conscious and intelligence is the ability to create a true artificial intelligence, one with a caliber of thinking far beyond the reach of mankind. Some people say we are close, others say it is impossible. I’ll reserve making predictions, but I will say that homo sapiens are still a young specious, and if we can survive for 1000+ more years than the limits of our technology may be higher than any of us can imagine.

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