Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

The book itself was a fun motivating read. However, with the controversy surrounding Kiyosaki, take the actual advice with a grain of salt. Many facts arose stating that this book is filled with false claims. The wikipedia article on the author says that he was once bankrupt and made all of his money as the result of selling this book, not from following the advice he gives in his book.

This is no one series of steps that guarantees wealth for a person. Each person has his or her circumstances that they must acknowledge. I do believe having the right mindset can help one achieve success. For that, I recommend The Millionaire Next Door instead, which promotes frugality and hard work instead of flashy investments. Rich Dad Poor Dad might be worth checking out from your local library, but only use it as a motivational tool and use caution if you decide to follow its advice.

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