The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

I was skeptical before reading this book at first. The reputation that preceded it was strong among the masses and this instantly set off warning signs that the book targeted said masses; an indication that it was junk. While I don’t think anyone should reshape their future on the means of this book, I actually found it a pleasure to read.

Perhaps the author, Timothy Ferris, is someone who the majority can relate to. Most of us would rather not be working. Timothy explained how he escaped from the rat race at full speed. His inspirational tales were both humorous and motivating. The book should not be read as a blueprint for obtaining such freedom, but instead a fun read to entertain and possibly serve as the impetus to leap out from the ordinary and become an entrepreneur.

Other tips that everyone can benefit from include time management and efficiency tips. Timothy’s email guidelines are bold and his work ethic is rather lazy in such a way that he outsources everything he can.

So was this book worth the read? Sure. If nothing else, I find more humor in my daily work activities, which will always consume more than four hours a week.

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